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Becoming a Paraplegic After an Accident

When you encounter severe spinal cord injuries around the center of your back, it can result in paraplegia—an impactful form of paralysis where you lose both sensation and movement below your waist. This shift in circumstances is something you might find challenging to adapt to.

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This condition necessitates the use of a wheelchair, vigilant care to prevent issues like bedsores, and a significant adjustment to your lifestyle.

If you or a loved one is now living with paraplegia due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to pursue a personal injury claim for compensation. The process can be intricate and time-consuming, making it essential to entrust your case to the Los Angeles paraplegia lawyers at State Law Firm.

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If you experience paraplegia, it results from damage to the nerves within your spinal column, leading to paralysis in your lower body. Typically, this paralysis sets in after an injury to the thoracic, lumbar, or sacral sections of your spine.

In dealing with paraplegia, you might find yourself relying on wheelchairs, as you may lose the ability to use your legs, although exceptions exist.

Spinal cord injuries that lead to paraplegia can affect you in different ways. They can be complete, leaving you unable to feel or use your lower limbs, or incomplete, allowing for partial control or feeling in your lower body.

In cases of incomplete paraplegia, you may walk with assistance, like crutches or through physical therapy, but you might still experience nerve pain or partial paralysis in one leg.

The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC) reports that 250,000 to 368,000 individuals in the United States live with a spinal cord injury.

Both complete and incomplete paraplegia can lead to various symptoms and medical conditions, including:

  • Lack of feeling or motor control in one or both legs
  • Difficulty controlling the bladder
  • Phantom pain or sensations
  • Nerve pain
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Bedsores, skin diseases, and other secondary conditions
  • Weight gain and muscle atrophy
  • Cramps
  • Secondary mental health issues, including depression

Paraplegia fundamentally alters an individual’s life. While treatments like surgeries, physical therapy, and new medical advancements have enabled some to regain control over their lower body, many must acknowledge the potential reliance on assisted living equipment for life. Depending on your injury’s circumstances, you may be entitled to recover compensation to address immediate and long-term costs.


Given the connection between paraplegia and spinal cord injuries, such cases typically result from severe trauma. Any forceful impact to the back and spine can stretch or tear nerves, leading to paralysis. The NSCISC estimates approximately 17,000 new spinal cord injury cases annually, with many involving paraplegia.

The primary causes of spinal cord injuries are:

  • Vehiculer collisions – 38.6%
  • Falls – 32.2%
  • Violence (Gun Shot Wounds) – 14.0%
  • Sports injuries – 7.8%
  • Medical/surgical errors – 4.2%

The team at State Law Firm has assisted clients in recovering compensation for paraplegia caused by:

  • High-speed auto accidents
  • Vehicle collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Truck accidents
  • Serious falls
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Boating collisions
  • Assaults

To seek compensation for a spinal cord injury, you must demonstrate that someone else’s negligence caused your injuries.

For instance, if a drunk driver caused your injuries in a collision, filing a personal injury claim against their insurance policy is within your rights. Similar options exist for incidents like slips-and-falls at local businesses, boating collisions, and swimming pool accidents, where another person had a duty to care for your safety.

This responsibility extends to property owners, manufacturers, boat operators, and anyone causing harm. Even government agencies can be held liable, although this process is more complex than a standard personal injury claim, requiring consultation with an experienced attorney.


Living with paralysis presents ongoing challenges and costs, with paraplegics often requiring additional treatment. Approximately 30% of individuals with spinal cord injuries return to the hospital once or twice a year, resulting in substantial costs given the average hospital stay of 22 days.

In a 2020 paper the NSCISC determined that the average cost of paraplegia for the initial year of treatment was $560,287 with an additional $74,221 for each subsequent year. The organization also calculated lifetime costs of paraplegia, reaching up to $5,100,941 for a 25-year-old and $1,636,959 for a 50-year-old.

Treatment for paraplegia varies, beginning with examination by an emergency room doctor to minimize spinal column damage. Hospitalization in an ICU follows, along with further tests and treatments to improve mobility and sensation.

If damage proves permanent, victims may receive prescriptions for medication, assisted living equipment, physical therapy, psychiatric treatment, and other plans to cope with the condition.

Beyond medical costs, a paraplegic may no longer practice their profession, facing unimaginable personal impacts. While paraplegics can move forward with their lives, many struggle with depression and socialization difficulties post-injury.

Mortality rates for paraplegics associated with endocrine, metabolic, and nutritional diseases, accidents, nervous system diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and mental disorders are rising.

Regardless of your experience, justice must prevail, and the responsible party should be held fully accountable, whether an individual, organization, or another party. This is where our firm steps in.


The costs associated with paraplegia are often high and vary based on age, profession, and injury circumstances. When filing an injury claim or lawsuit, several costs can be included:

  • Medical expenses (emergency treatment, corrective surgeries, medication)
  • Rehabilitation, physical therapy, and future treatment
  • Home renovations and vehicle modifications
  • Employment retraining or reeducation costs
  • Lost wages and earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life

Given the complexity of these injuries, case values can vary drastically. However, the State Law Firm team ensures your case’s maximum available compensation by advocating for your rights.

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