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Over 40+ Years of Legal Expertise

Leading the Way in Personal Injury Law in California

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State Law Firm stands as a premier boutique law firm rooted in Sherman Oaks

State Law Firm specializes in personal injury, workers' compensation, and premises liability. With a formidable aggregation of over 40 years of legal expertise, our firm prides itself on delivering exceptional client service and consistently achieving successful outcomes. Our sought-after attorneys are renowned for their rigorous pursuit of justice, having secured multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements in complex and high-stakes cases.

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8+ Years Of Dedicated Service

State Law Firm and our lead attorneys have garnered recognition and accolades from prominent industry leaders and esteemed legal associations, reflecting our ongoing success in the courtroom and our commitment to our clients. We have successfully championed the rights of countless Californians, securing over $300 million in compensation across a myriad of cases, including severe injuries and wrongful deaths.

Why State Law Firm Stands Out

Your Premier Choice for Injury Representation in California

  • We’ll Get You the Maximum Compensation
  • We’ll Get Your Medical Bills Paid
  • We’ll Recover Your Lost Wages
  • We’ll Get Your Vehicle Repaired or Replaced
  • We’ll Come to Your Location – Anytime, Anywhere
  • We’ll Get You Access to the Top Medical Specialists
  • We’ll Provide Complimentary Transportation

At State Law Firm, we do not succumb to the pressure of insurance companies to settle for their initial offers. We negotiate relentlessly until we secure the compensation our clients truly deserve. Highlighting our litigation prowess, we are proud to share our recent landmark victory, where we secured a $50 million settlement in a high-profile case.

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